Hello everyone!

My name is Pavel Boytchev. I'm currently an associated professor at Sofia University (Bulgaria). With this post I want to express my pleasant surprise that there is such a strong Logo community in China. I wish I knew about you long time ago.

Thanks to the active role of prof. Fu a lot of chinese kids have the chance to explore Mathematics, Computer Science and Art.

This community is about Logo and Math, so I thought you might be interested in an European project for developing active learning environment for Stereometry. The project is called DALEST and part of the software is built entirely in Logo.

More information about the Logo-based applications can be found here: [DALEST Project]. The software is now used in several European countries (Great Britain, Portugal, Cyprus and Bulgaria) and it features a 3D Virtual Reality environment where students can solve and create a great number of problems.

The project is tuned to the educational system in Europe and the target audience is from 5-th to 12-th grade. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them.

Best regards and keep Logoing,
Pavel Boytchev

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非常感谢保加利亚索菲亚大学Pavel Boytchev教授为我们提供了欧洲从5年级到12年级使用的用LOGO生成三维图像的DALEST计划的信息。
以下是我用PC Logo for Windows 1.0 编程生成三维图形的一个案例:球的定义演示。


是,这是一个巨大方式显示孩子固体怎么可能从象段和弧的其他对象被修建。 他们可以找到他们以前从未想象的暗藏的联系。


" 花托能通过转动在一条垂直线附近的一个圈子修建。 问题是: 没有自转,修建花托是否是可能的? 怎么?"
Yes, this is a great way to show children how solids could be constructed from other objects like segments and arcs. They can find hidden relations that they have never imagined before.

I have one interesting problem of my own and if any of you likes challenges, here it is:

"A torus could be constructed by rotating a circle around a vertical line. The problem is: Is it possible to construct a torus without rotation? How?"
I am sorry, because the translation software written expression is not accurate, I do not quite understand you, with the following torus about it ?

Let me try to rephrase my quiz:

It is easy to make torus by rotating a circle. The problem is how to make it without rotation.

Note: this is not a problem for you, but for your students.

Happy New Year to everyone.

通过转动圈子做 torus 是容易的。 没有自转,问题是如何做 torus。

注: 这不是一个问题您的,而是您的学生的。

对大家的新年好。 Pavel




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